Welcome to my site!

I’ve been writing about ice hockey off and on for more years than I can remember. If I was married when I started then I hadn’t been for long.  My two grown-up kids definitely hadn’t been born, I know that for a fact.  Looking back a lot has changed since those days.

Not least of which is me and my style. When I look back at those old articles, even the ones from last year I don’t always recognise the person who wrote them. They were created by a different me and it shows. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, they’re time capsules, bubbles in time that reveal who I was, what was happening at the time and what I thought about it.

I’m sorry about the URL of this website. I’m not really a writer, I’m just a person who likes to put his thoughts down on paper (or screen is probably more accurate but paper sounds better) rather than just speaking them out loud or just keeping them to myself. The thing is it was the only way to avoid a URL without a string of numbers after my name. I could have come up with a title like, I don’t know, Black Cat Moans or something but it turns out it’s already in use (I just checked) and this is just going to be me and my thoughts so it’s better to just be my name, even if the “writer” bit makes it sound a little pretentious.

I feel different when I’m writing. Some people have to sing, some have to dance, some have to scream at the midnight sky but for me, I have to write. The words come out of me and, at times, I can’t stop them.  They take me where they will. Many of the articles I’ve written are nothing like the set of ideas I started out with in my head. Writing, at least for me, can be like sculpting or carving with wood. I start with an idea of what I want to chisel out but the grain and the knots in the wood take me in different directions. The finished article is never entirely what I envisaged in the first place. Maybe I write the words I need rather than the ones I want.

The vast majority of the articles on this website are going to be about ice hockey and the vast majority of those are going to be about the Nottingham Panthers. I can’t really help that. The first rule of writing they teach you is to write about what you know which, if I’m honest, makes me a little worried about people like Stephen King. Maybe the thing he knows the most about is his imagination. I can’t say that so I have to stick to what I’ve got but I don’t just want to write about ice hockey. I think the time has come to see if I can branch out and try different realms of writing, to see where words will eventually take me. I don’t know where that will be, would you care to go on a journey fellow traveller?